Dr. Teri Baydar

Dr. Teri BaydarDr. Teri Baydar

Leadership Development Consultant & Peak Performance Coach,
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“Blossoming Individuals from the Inside Out”
Dr. Teri Baydar is a Leadership Development Consultant & Peak Performance Coach. She trains and coaches high level executives and high performance individuals to find, understand and develop their core character strengths and leadership style. Her clients learn how to become more calm under stress, self aware, confident, authentic, impactful, powerful, and emotionally intelligent. Their ability to engage and lead others increases exponentially due to their ability to manage, and inspire new behaviors in their team. This fosters employee engagement, passion, high performance, innovation, and creative solutions. She has supported and guided her clients through IPO’s, startup, scaling, company sell off, mergers, and cultural and strategic pivots.

Dr.Teri has worked with senior and emerging leaders at organizations including Boston Consulting Group, General Electric, Kornferry, Givaudan, American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Harvard, IFF, Global Partners LP, LVMH, Rapid7, Topos Labs, Enterome Bioscience, KomodoTech, Estrenon, Dellbrook JKS, Lourie & Cutler, P. C., Pfizer, the SEC, and many more.

Dr. Teri trained at the Coach Training Institute, has an MBA with accrued training in authentic leadership, managing complexity, and behavioral economics. She also earned a doctorate in the Science of Mind. She worked 7 years with a research institute/Think Tank specializing in studying the unconscious mind and its influence on behavior modification. This hands-on work in social engineering for a government organization enabled her to develop her specific high-impact method of behavioral change. She has 15+ years experience in behavior research and leadership development. She was international co-ordinator for PwC Paris office business development team serving 120+ partners. Engagement Chair for the WITI (Women in Technology International) New England board. Teaches meditation and occasionally walks on fire.

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