John Anderson

John Anderson

Founder, HubCFO

What we do!
We are a full-service CFO Consulting Firm founded and based in Boston, MA. We offer a broad range of services for Business Owners, Private Equity Firms, Venture Capital Firms and Management Teams. We are friendly, affordable, and highly experienced.

All of this experience is 100% relevant as from age 24 John has been the top Financial Officer at Startups and Entrepreneurial Companies … helping Founders achieve their Business Objectives and Financial dreams. Relating to non-accountants is a core skill!

Therefore, you will not suffer through a lecture about any rigid set procedure John must always follow. We tailor our work to your requirements and your vison for your company or organization. As trusted advisors consulted on a wide range of issues, we are absolutely not a “One size fits all” type of practice! If accomplishing your goals were that easy, you could pick anyone off a park bench as a CFO … and just give them a set of buzz words and some cards.

Transformation into Higher Profitability & Cash Flow:

  • Cost Segregation Studies – Re-allocating the Cost Basis for Real Estate. The IRS’s “Guidelines” call for Licensed Engineers to make these judgements; not accountants or CPA’s! We have the properly qualified & certified staff so the IRS will accept the changes.
  • IC-DISC Returns – for Exporters; lower Taxes on Exports, done the same way GE does it!
  • R&D Tax Credits – for minimizing Taxes after exiting Startup Mode and achieving profitability.
  • New R&D Refundable Tax Credits – for Startups … Found Money coming back to you Now!
  • Other Assorted Tax Credits – Film, Enterprise Zone, WOTC, etc.


  1. A Buyer has expressed interest in my Business and the chips are on the table; I need a CFO who can make “it” happen … Timely Reporting & Analysis or special events such as M&A, Audit, or IPO!
  2. Do you know somebody who can walk in and understand my business, my priorities and work with me and my team? A typical “bean-counter” just won’t cut it!
  3. Operating Information, not Financial Accounting, is what I need to make decisions and “up our game”:
    • Profitability/Margin Analysis
    • P&L Segment Reporting
    • Job Costing
    • Budget to Actual Comparisons (Bid or Quote to Actual)
    • Budgeting and Strategic Planning current
    • Operational Metrics for real-time application, insuring successful production days, weeks and months.
  4. A focused Part-time CFO would be more beneficial than paying for a full-time CFO.
  5. Assessment and mentoring of my Accounting Staff is necessary
  6. Who do you know who could review our Finance and IT functions and better align them with our Strategic Goals and Milestones?
  7. There is no cash in the bank – how is that possible if my company is making money?!
  8. I need help as my organization is undergoing stress and change:
    • Hyper Growth
    • Financial Downturn
    • New Bank Debt or Outside Investment
    • Turnaround and Down-sizing
    • Audit Demands
  9. Do you know someone who has been through this before … and can partner with me and my team?
  10. How can I get better quality and faster Financials for less money? (Depending upon their needs, I may have a simple, cost effective solution! There are some wonderful new products, which can automate most of the process, if you know what to use and how to do it! Change is good!)

John Anderson
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