Rachel Leone

Rachel Leone

President, Leone Marketing Solutions

Rachel Leone
Leone Marketing Solutions

I’m president and head brainstormer of Leone Marketing Solutions, your go-to choice for event marketing and trade show consulting—and promotional product ideas. Whether you’re seeking a whole new approach to trade show marketing, an innovative new campaign or a boost to what you’re already doing, we’re the experts to help you.

When choosing a company to help with your marketing and promotional products, it’s important to choose one that’s had a successful long-term history. We have 20+ years’ experience working with start-up businesses, non-profits, small companies and large corporations. And probably, everything in between.

Pretty much, we solve problems and give you marketing and promotional product ideas.

Here’s how we can help you:

• Brainstorming: We love to brainstorm and come up with ideas for event marketing and trade show events.
• Recommending: We are experts in recommending promotional products and will help select the perfect premium or gift for your company that will generate buzz and excitement.
• Help You Stand Out: We’ve been helping companies stand out from their competition for over 20 years with unique promotional products.
• Create Awareness: We help you find the perfect promotional item or gift to create awareness for your brand so it’s always top of mind.
• Increase Traffic: We help you increase traffic, attract prospects and influence crowds at events and trade shows by the power of promotional products.
• Boost your Brand: We boost the value of your brand to existing and potential customers, with innovative marketing and promotional strategy that works.

At Leone Marketing Solutions, we have the ability and flexibility to adapt to different needs–whether you’re looking to enhance an event theme, reach prospects where other marketing activities can’t, break into a new industry or just want to amplify your company’s brand awareness.






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Leone Marketing Solutions

Hingham, MA

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