Invited Guests

The Senior Executive Forum

The CEO Connector is a high-level networking group of CEO, President, Owner or senior C-Level officers in business to business markets who are committed to each and every member, to gain customers, and the credo that “people are the best resource to make things happen and get things done in life”.  

The only reason for us to be conducting this form of high-level networking is for each and every member to gain customers.  We remain cognizant of our seated members’ needs and the type of customers that they target.

We meet on the second Wednesday of each month in the Tavern Restaurant at the Granite Links Golf Club in Quincy, MA.  We each bring a business guest that must have a business-to-business sales culture and be a C-Level executive and decision maker for their company.  Each seated member and business guest have a 5 minute commercial opportunity to pass out business cards, brochures and tell the group what he/she and his/her firm provide.

Seated members, meet 8 new high potential business contacts per meeting, 84 per year. Invited business guests, meet 16 new high potential business contacts per meeting.

These meetings, when conducted properly, ensure excellent networking opportunities with the potential to create profitable business relationships.  Today, networking is the most effective way to form alliances and gain new business. 

The format of our CEO Connector events has proven to be both cost and time effective. We don’t know of any other marketing/prospecting activity that you can engage in that produces quality results as quickly.  All attendees are in different industries, so no competition exists during the luncheon.

Our Luncheon is by invitation only, but feel free to contact us here for more information or to possibly attend an upcoming luncheon as our guest.